The design GERONIMO! Skydiving Team logo is one of
great meaning. The Team logo was redesigned in 2015 in
order to honor  one of  the  original GERONIMO! Skydiving
Team's founding members, Nuncio Forte, who passed  away  
from  pancreatic cancer that year. Nuncio was a humble, kind
and gentle person who was a friend to all.  He was a Korean
War veteran who served as a combat medic.  As an exhibition
skydiver Nuncio was the unsung hero time after time going
out of his way  to make certain the show would go on
especially for the children in the audiences. Nuncio was an
inspiration to all and personally helped many. He made his
last jump at age 84 against doctors orders. In order to pay
tribute to and honor Nuncio, the new Team logo was
designed featuring Nuncio's profile with a falcon forever in
flight within the circle of life.
The GERONIMO! Skydiving Team is a non-commercial entity that is owned
and managed by professional skydiver John A. Wallace, who is an original
team founder. John is a USPA Instructor Examiner, Instructor,  USPA  Safety
& Training Advisor - Canada, USPA  & CSPA exhibition jumper,  and FAA
parachute rigger with more than 6,500 parachute jumps.

Inspired by the TV show RIPCORD, John's first jump was made at age seven
leaping from a barn roof with a tractor umbrella. His first real parachute jump
was made while attending college during the 1970s, where along with several
buddies, he organized the Penn State Parachute Club. In the early years of
jumping after college, along with many novices of that day, John had the honour
of being mentored by some of the pioneers of sport parachuting. Working one's
way up through skill levels in the good old days, jumping heavy surplus gear and
Para-Commanders out of Cessnas, was a commitment to the sport.

In 1981 the GERONIMO! Skydiving Team was founded as a four man exhibition skydiving team by Nuncio
Forte,  Ocar Brett,   Roger Munson,  and John A. Wallace.  Our goal as a fledgling exhibition team was to
promote sport parachuting and become the best civilian exhibition team in North America.  In 1984, John
opened the JAWCO, Inc. Parachute Center  in  Morgantown, Pennsylvania. In 1993 the GERONIMO! Skydiving
Team  became a subsidiary of JAWCO, Inc., and the late Hadden Wood  became a partner in the skydiving
business. Then in 1995 the GERONIMO! Skydiving Team became an independent not -for- profit organization.

In 1996 with the assistance of the late PA Senator Arlen Spector we were able to obtain a waiver from the FAA
for the  authorization  of  a tandem skydiving exhibition.  At that time Tandem Skydiving  was classified as
experimental by the FAA. The Relative Workshop granted approval for the use of our Vector Tandem system
and on the night of August 21, 1996, The GERONIMO! Skydiving Team  performed the first legal night stadium
Tandem Skydiving Exhibition jump for the Philadelphia Eagles football team, paving the way for the use of the
Tandem Parachute System for exhibition skydiving today.

In 2013, the GERONIMO! Skydiving Team relocated to the Fort Erie, Ontario - Buffalo, NY area in order to better
serve both the US and Canada.  After 39 years, the GERONIMO! Skydiving Team continues  thrilling crowds
with our  show stopping aerial performances and stellar showmanship. Today's GERONIMO! Skydiving Team  
is made up of the most talented show jumpers from the US and Canada who are hand picked volunteers with
decades of experience.  In addition to our high standards  as aerial performers we are community oriented and
strive to be role models for today's youth through community service.

Thank you for taking a look at our website and we hope that we will be performing for you soon.

The GERONIMO! Skydiving Team
John & Janie Wallace
1929 - 2015
During the  Canada 150 Celebration in 2017,  the GERONIMO! Skydiving Team  had the honour of being
a Gold Sponsor  and  performed for many Canada 150 community events  throughout  Ontario.  After our  
performances our giant Canadian flag was often carried by citizens in parades through their home towns.